Welcome to Community Air Website!

We will be serving Communities throughout the U.S.

Need a Community Airline?

Is your Community 50 miles or more from a major or minor Air Hub? If you want that convenience, we should talk about it.

Does your Community Qualify?

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Need a Terminal for your Airline?

We may be able to coordinate that for you. We can arrange for bids on any size and configuration of Air Terminal.

We can help find qualified Contractors

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KEEP the Money!

You can keep most of the money in your Community with our plan. We hire Local, we Bank Local, we get our provisions Local.

It is YOUR Money

We will do everything we can to keep your money in your Community. We will even train people rather than hire people from other Communities.

The Possibilities With Community Air Are Boundless

We will team up with your Community to keep the money in YOUR Community. We will hire locally, bank locally and buy our provisions locally.

  • In mere months, you can have a Community Airline.

  • We hire Locally, we Bank Locally, we get our provisions Locally.

  • You can originate International Air travel from your Community!

Community Air Is Like A Swiss Army Knife For Air Transportation!

We offer tons of options including Partnering with the Community to make it truly a Community Airline.

Ownership has its privileges… and more!